Stroller Coaster crawled from the abyssal slime in June of 2007. The original lineup was just John and Shaun, playing Methadones and Teenage Bottle Rocket covers to an audience of none. Brian decided he wanted a piece of that action so he bought a guitar and joined in. Finding a drummer in (then) co-worker Mike Zdanio and Brian's sister Alicia rounded out vocals for Stroller Coaster v1.0.

Over the years of gigging, we've formed friendships with many other local and national touring bands. We took a special liking to the Detroit punk band Johnny Roast Beef. Their drummer came to Stroller Coaster to fill a gaping need at drums. Jim brought the thunder to fill the void.

Nic Bongers has weaved in and out of the Stroller Coaster ride in rehearsals and appeared as a special guest guitarist at the occasional gig. When Stroller Coaster needed a guitar player for whatever reason, Nic has answered the call. Now he is an official member, thus making the circle complete... Stroller Coaster v4.1!

We play all original music, mostly about science fiction or heartbreak, or sometimes both. We have an instrumental about big mountain skiing, a scorcher about the last days of the dinosaurs, and a soulful ballad about skipping prom to see the Dead Milkmen. We play way too fast.

Lead Guitar, Vocals
Nic Bongers
Guitar, Vocals
Shaun Moore
Bass, Vocals
Jim Wood